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Eastern Precision Electronic Co.,Limited

Michael ( sales manager )

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Address: Tongfuyu Industrial zone,Shajing town,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,China

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About Us

Eastern Precision Electronic Co Limited was established in Shenzhen, China in May 2006, which is a professional PCB manufacturer of double-layer, multilayer board(2-30layers),high-precision pcb and Aluminum-based pcb With accurate market positioning, customer-oriented service concept and excellent corporate culture,

Our products are widely used in communication equipment, computer, industrial control, power supply, home appliances, automobile, medical equipment, LED products, safety products/CCTV and so many technology fields. Our customers are located in the US, Brazil, Europe and Asia.

Our prodcuts conform to the ROHS and SGS. Quality assurance department is made up of several functional sections, IQC, IPQA, process audit, final QA, QAE ( for MI and tools inspection ), customer complaint, MRB and physical lab. All of them can smoothly coordinate eachother to assure high-quality standard.

FR-4 Showcase
4-layer 2oz car audio PCB
4-layer heavy copper audio PCB
6-layer high TG PCB (ENIG, BGA)
4-layer PCB with high TG 170
Green soldermask PCB  (ENEPIG, BGA)
Green soldermask PCB containing BGA
Blue soldermask heavy copper PCB
Black solder mask Plating Heavy Gold PCB
8-layer gold plating PCB
4-layer Plating Gold PCB with 2 oz
2-layer Plating gold pcb
2-layer heavy copper PCB with 4 oz
2-layer Red solder mask PCB
2-layer LED PCB with Taiyo white solder mask ink
Double sided  black solder mask
Double sided Lead Free HASL
6 layer Immersion Gold
4 layer red solder mask
8-layer PCB
6 layer Lead Free HASL